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What Is Reiki?

Similar to meditation, and based on traditional meditation and breathing practices, Reiki is a gentle, yet very powerful, healing system.

Very simply, by using meditation and breathing practices, we are able to create a sense of deep peace and relaxation in our mind and body. It is in this space that healing can occur on any level.

The same is true for animals.

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When giving a Reiki treatment to an animal (or person), a Reiki practitioner uses those same breathing and meditation practices to create a beautiful sense of peace and relaxation for the animal. We call this creating a "Reiki space." When the body is able to feel that sense of relaxation and balance, healing can occur. In this way, Reiki can help with any condition your animal may be facing, whether it is physical illness or injury, behavioral issues or emotional issues.

How Does Reiki Benefit Animals?

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Reiki is a perfect healing modality for animals because it is gentle, noninvasive, stress-free and very effective. It causes no pain, stress or discomfort, yet can yield powerful results. Reiki can do no harm and always works for the highest good. Reiki can help the healing process for an animal who has sustained a traumatic injury or undergone surgery. Reiki can offer relief from arthritis pain or other chronic illnesses. It can have a calming effect on high-strung, nervous or “anxious” animals.

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A Reiki treatment can be given hands-on, with the hands placed near the animal, or from across a room or pasture, outside of a stall, or even from a distance. Because of this, it is excellent for use with shy or skittish animals. A Reiki treatment can be adapted to any problem an animal may face, as well as to the particular personality and needs of the animal.

How Reiki Can Help You:

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When our animals are ill, injured or anxious, this affects us as well. We in turn become worried and stressed. Reiki can help you cope with the worry and anxiety of dealing with any issues your animal is facing. Indeed, Reiki helps not just the animal, but all humans in the household as well. By including all family members in the Reiki treatments, we can bring more peace, calm and harmony to the home. In addition, I will teach you techniques you can do yourself at home that will bring more peace and balance into your own life. This allows you and your animal to have more choice and involvement in the healing process, and will also deepen your connection with each other.

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Reiki treatments are given for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions or prescribe medications. Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical care or medication, and instead is complementary to both traditional and alternative healing methods.