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About Me

I have loved animals my whole life, and spent years searching for the perfect "fit" for myself as a way to help animals both on an individual level and globally. When I discovered Reiki, it was like coming home. It is my joy and honor to offer Reiki to animals and their people as a way to create health, wellness, vitality and peace. I have worked with animals all over the world, from dogs and cats to elephants and whales.

I work with private clients, volunteer in sanctuaries, and teach Animal Reiki classes. 

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I am proud to volunteer with the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), a nonprofit that trains Reiki practitioners to work with animals in shelters and sanctuaries; helping them overcome fear and trauma so they may find their forever home.

I offer consultations and information on other holistic healing methods such as flower essences and essential oils. I also created and lead Healing Circles for Animals and the Planet, teaching people how to use Reiki and other energy healing methods to create positive change for the planet and all beings. 

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I truly believe that the animals are our teachers and guides. It is my honor and privilege to do Reiki with animals, and it is a blessing to me anytime an animal choose to connect with me. My Reiki teacher Kathleen Prasad taught me, and I fully believe, that anytime we do Reiki with any animal, it sends little ripples out into the universe that help change the way people view and treat all animals. This is my overall mission and life purpose: To bring healing to all beings on the planet, to expand our circle of compassion to include include those who cannot speak for themselves, to create a better world for all the animals with whom we share the planet, and to create peace and harmony for all.

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Because Reiki is just as effective from a distance as in person, I work with people and animals all over the country. Contact me for a complimentary consultation and/or a free sample treatment. I would love to meet you and discuss how my services can benefit your animals, and you. Together we will find the perfect program for you and your animal.

Because I believe in giving back, and also because I just love playing with all animals, I volunteer regularly and donate a portion of all fees to animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups.